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Electronic Tax Return Reader

Sageworks uniquely offers banks and credit unions the Electronic Tax Return Reader, which imports information from business borrowers’ tax returns that are electronically produced by a tax package. Spread new loans and reviews in seconds instead of manually keying in data.




  • Import whole returns in less than a minute 
  • Reduce data errors that may occur during manual entry 
  • Ensure consistency of data entry between different analysts or lenders 


Commercial loan analysts can identify, based on financial characteristics of the business and borrower, the good and bad loans in their portfolio. In this paper, we look at the metrics most often used to quantify the 5 Cs of credit – capacity, capital, conditions, collateral and character. 

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The biggest and easiest benefit to quantify with the ETRR for us is the time saved on basic data entry. We currently have only two individuals in our institution who handle spreading financials and writing both front-end credit request memos, as well as on-going loan reviews. The amount of time we are able to save on simple data entry with tax returns is enormous; I know I personally am able to utilize that time to go significantly more in-depth with my actual analysis.
Amy Righter, Assistant Vice President & Credit Administration Officer, First Neighborhood Bank

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