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Accelerating the Account Opening Journey

Financial institutions are prioritizing digital account opening over all other technologies this year, according to CSI’s latest report, “2022 Banking Priorities: Executive Report.” The priority executives are placing on online/digital account opening reflects the importance of offering a smooth onboarding process for both businesses and consumers. However, having the capability and operationalizing it are two different projects.

Join this webinar to learn how financial institutions can make sure they create the customer experience they envision for online/digital account opening. What are the common slip ups and best practices for evaluating and implementing account opening software?

You will learn:

  • Key statistics on where the industry stands with account opening
  • The biggest pain points your institution should look to address
  • How to roll-out and gain usage for new technology to provide online account opening the way customers or members want it

Meet Your Presenters

Nolan Gesher

Vice President – Client Services
Nolan Gesher is Vice President – Client Services at Abrigo, where he leverages his extensive background in financial technology sales, enablement, and product management to help customers be successful. Nolan has a proven track record of leading financial institutions to drive growth, manage risk, and scale operations. He joined Abrigo,

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Chuck Nwokocha

Director, Product Marketing
Chuck Nwokocha leads the Product Marketing efforts for banking at ProcessMaker.  As part of a stellar team at ProcessMaker, Mr. Nwokocha’s role is to help define and communicate ProcessMaker’s value proposition. Mr. Nwokocha’s professional experience covers various disciplines and industries –these range from operations management, sales, human resources, to product development

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