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Is Inflation the Big Gift to Your Future Earnings?

Most financial institutions expect to earn more when rates rise, and with today’s inflation concerns, many expect the Fed to raise rates soon in response. But throughout the pandemic, some banks and credit unions have been waiting to deploy excess liquidity until this uncertain, low-interest rate environment passes. Waiting, however, has impacted future earnings projections. How can financial institutions pay bills now while awaiting the “bump” of higher earnings expected from rate increases? How will inflation actually impact asset choices and pricing in 2022 and beyond?

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to assess the trade-off of “waiting for better days” or investing now
  • The competitive realities in various lending and deposit segments today
  • How to raise your baseline earnings now to leverage higher rates tomorrow
  • How to use your balance sheet to make the most profitable decisions

Meet Your Presenters

Dave Koch

Director, Advisory Services
Since 1989, Dave has delivered educational programs on Asset/Liability Management and pricing topics to Federal Regulatory Agencies, national and state industry trade groups, Federal Home Loan Banks, and Corporate Credit Unions nationwide.

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Darryl Mataya

Senior Consultant
Darryl Mataya is a Senior Advisor at Abrigo, where he manages the deposit and loan pricing services and consults regularly with institutions on funding strategies, pricing analysis, and loan strategies. He has been part of the banking industry since the 1980s, first as a designer and developer of software solutions. Before joining Abrigo,

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