Case Study: How Bank Independent is Solving the CECL Puzzle

The current expected credit loss (CECL) model is no longer tomorrow’s problem for bank and credit union leaders. Many institutions recognize the benefits of running expected loss calculations today for the purposes of capital planning and policy formation.

In this webinar, Bank Independent of Sheffield, AL, discusses how they use Sageworks ALLL to prepare measurements under the new ALLL standard without assistance from external consultants.

Watch to learn:

  • Common questions for real institutions operating with real data
  • Expected loss methodologies that Bank Independent is evaluating and their decision-making framework
  • Benefits they have experienced through preparation


Meet Your Presenter

Garver Moore

Managing Director, Advisory Services
Garver Moore brings a decade of enterprise software, analytic, and advisory experience to Abrigo’s advisory team. Prior to joining Abrigo, Garver was  a Technical Consultant with Accenture, and he later worked with C-suite executives on technology strategy and delivery as a Managing Partner of the Orange Advisory Group. Today, as

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